Hollywood Restoration Expert - Water Leaks Detection


The destructive capacity of water is immeasurable. Although water leakage might seem a very small issue but pragmatic senses dictate that these undetected leaks eventually lead to your property’s loss of curb appeal, result in structural deterioration, furniture wreckage, mold growth and other unbelievable losses which will ultimately jeopardize your right to a peaceful livelihood. Wear and tear of pipes, also rust, decay or extreme pressure must therefore be avoided at all costs to check the leakage of pipes or their untimely bursts. This can in turn be evaded by being extra cautious because the more you delay, the greater the damage. When pipes burst or when you suspect an unknown leak, contact Hollywood Restoration Expert - the leading water leakage detection and damage repair services in Hollywood, FL area.

The consequences of delayed leak detection

Don’t let a small leak lead to huge losses. Wisest thing to do is to detect it early on. An increase in your water bill amount is the least of your worries. Constant leakage from undetected sources will cause a number of problems like deterioration of wood, darkening of paint, bubbling and expansion of plaster and damaging of possessions. It could also lead to an uncalled-for fire if there is electrical wiring in the vicinity. Another common problem is the growth of mold which can prove to be very troublesome at a later stage as it can lead to respiratory problems, inflammation, skin irritation, allergies and other health hazards.

How do I know if there’s a leak?

  • Hollywood Restoration Expert Hollywood, FL 954-414-0630Constant sound of running water
  • Unimaginable water bill amount
  • Pigmentation on walls
  • Peeling of wall paper
  • Damp spots appear on walls or ceilings
  • Plumbing lines get rusted
  • Musty unpleasant odor

If you notice any of above, dial 954-414-0630 without delay to avail best in class water leak detection services in Hollywood, FL area.


We’re fast:

Delayed action can lead to fatal consequences for your property. We are client-friendly to an extent that we are at your doorstep within the stipulated time which is usually under 30 minutes. Prior appointments, long waits and unexpected rescheduling are something our company doesn’t entail.

We detect leaks faster:

We can boast of an efficiency which will result in the smallest of leaks to be discovered which would otherwise escape the naked eye and that too at the earliest. This is all due to the user friendly methods and state-of-the art machinery that Hollywood Restoration Expert uses to detect the leaks without harming the drywall or your flooring. Therefore, your property is saved from the wreckage that would have occurred had this process been manhandled.

We solve leaks the fastest:

If you suspect a water leak at your property don’t hesitate to dial 954-414-0630 immediately before it’s already too late. Detection is important but stemming the leak is more vital. Unlike other competitors in the market, we believe in not just re-piping your entire space but fixing only the affected areas. This helps in curbing the residual leakage. In the end, we extract the water in the area, get rid of the mold, repair damaged components and re-establish the damaged property back to its earlier pristine condition.