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A disaster can leave behind huge destruction. Your prized possession i.e. your home, can be extensively damaged. The tastefully decorated interiors with wooden floors and painted ceilings might be in ruins. Moreover, delay in restoration calls for other destructive occurrences such as water damage, mold growth, or a fire breakout which makes your home unsuitable for living. A disaster can break out suddenly, but after you have survived the catastrophe it is you who can deal with the aftermath and start life anew by reaching out to a reliable restoration company.

To help you to make a fresh start, Hollywood Restoration Expert is the only name that is currently leading the restoration and damage renovation business in the Hollywood, FL area. It is a well known name that can come to your aid during an emergency to fight the after-effects. We are experts in handling any minor to major restoration or reconstruction work. So, whether you want a simple repair or a total makeover of your space, contact us at 954-414-0630.

Reconstruction: Say goodbye to signs of damage:

We can help your property regain its lost splendor from the ruins of time or a natural calamity and help restore and reshape it. The three-fold restoration process includes inspection, estimation and planning for repair. We take care to understand the minutest details from you after assessing the damage. This is to ensure that eventually when we start the job we have all the information handy so that a complete estimation can be done for you to forward it to the insurance company. We start the reconstruction work as soon as the budget gets settled. Our team of accomplished technicians works competently to get your property in the best shape.

You can be assured that we are fully capable of restoring your property back to its pre-damaged state, whatever the level of damage might be. As for old structures that need revamping, we are experts at the job and can give a completely new look to your building.

Remodeling: The desired look awaits you!

Time can cause your property to wear down and carry a dilapidated look. If you are looking to remodel your home, we can do a total makeover of your space. To get the best results, call Hollywood Restoration Expert and let our experts bestow a brand new shape to your property. We know how to remodel your property the right way and make it the talk of the town. You can share your vision for your property with us and we can help by replicating it in reality, just as you would have imagined it. Our dedicated team of creative experts and workmen can breathe life to your dream and realize it better than you’d envisioned it.

We undertake:​​

  • Full-scale remodeling:

    We can give your property a complete altered look. We can design your house the Victorian way or give it a modern look. The entire property can be remodeled just the way you want it.

  • Partial remodeling:​

    We can also redesign and remodel a part of your property on request. For instance, if your old kitchen needs a contemporary look, you can call us to do that for you.

In Hollywood, FL area, our services are as follows:

  • Hollywood Restoration Expert Hollywood, FL 954-414-0630

    Pulling down the damaged area
  • Setting the structural groundwork
  • Setting up the drywall and roofing
  • Re-Paint ceilings and walls
  • Replacing wallpaper
  • Adding a new floor
  • Fitting new windows, doors and, cabinets
  • Replacing Fixtures 

To avail all this and other services, give us a call on 954-414-0630!