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The only name you can count upon in Hollywood, FL area if you are tormented by widespread water damage is Hollywood Restoration Expert. A collapse of the entire plumbing facility has high risk involved due to electrical equipment. Rest assured that days of agony are no more a part of your life as our highly efficient restoration team will give you all the support you might need. We understand the perilous nature of a small leak and what havoc it can bring to your life, if not treated on time. Your total interior can get destroyed along with your furniture and electrical equipment. We fix water damage at any stage, thereby cutting off the loss to its bare minimum and helping you restore normality.

We act fast, restore faster

Your property would be beyond repair for not taking care of the issues that needed immediate attention. Water destroys everything that comes in its path. It seeps through furniture, antique objects as well as the drywall. Prompt action keeps the extent of the destruction within limits, thus making it possible for us to repair the damage and restoring your property as much as we can. To prevent extravagant losses, be fast and call 954-414-0630 to be at your service.


Step 1: Finding the source

Secret leaks or hidden water seepages are a challenge to detect. However, in expert hands like us nothing could be impossible. Using advanced technology such as thermal imaging, modernized sensors and snake cams we effortlessly find the source of the water damage without causing harm to your property.

Step 2: Complete drying

Once your property is affected by flood it would be unwise to let it dry on its own by allowing sunlight and air into your rooms. The dampness in your walls may not be as innocent as it seems. The penetration of moisture happens deeper into the core. This can only be handled using the latest equipment for drying and dehumidifying. For this, we use air blowers, heat vacuums, air movers, dehumidifiers, etc.

Step 3: Carrying out repairs

We at Hollywood Restoration Expert handle your property and your belongings with ultimate care. From a minor pipe burst to a major water damage following a flood, we fix things for you and help you resettle your life. The mayhem draws its signs on every artwork and other valuable but it is just a cakewalk for us to treat it right.

Step 4: Restoration:

Although we put our mind in repairing almost everything, there are few things which cannot be salvaged. Certain objects like peeled off paint, moldy carpets or wall paper that had been ruined due to excessive water damage have to be replaced to bring back its originality.

Step 5: Clean-up

Half-hearted work is not our cup of tea. We are committed to do the job perfectly till the last bit. Once the estimate is given and approved, we are there at your side until the after-restoration cleaning work is done and we hand over your property in immaculate condition.

If you find water seeping through your property from a known or unknown source, reach us at once on 954-414-0630 in Hollywood, FL area for efficient and affordable service.