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As much as water is the source of life on Earth, it has also shown its destructive nature to mankind. Our history books are a proof about water’s catastrophic nature and its effect on people. Neither can we avoid nor can we resist Nature’s fury in the form of rainstorms, floods, blizzards or melting snow. However life has to go on and we have to sort ourselves after we have overcome the shock. That is when we come to action.

Whatever devastation your property undergoes - be it flood or a pipe leak or pouring tanks, Hollywood Restoration Expert is the only dependable name to rely on. Our knowledge and skill gained over two decades of rescuing property owners in Hollywood, FL area to fight floods, makes us the leading restorer you can call upon.

Why immediate flood damage restoration is vital?

When your premises are hit by a flood, it is a cause of concern not only because of the standing water, but also because of the devastating consequences it can lead to if not treated properly on time. Some of the risk factors are:

  • Electrical hazards: Loose ends of cables and live wires in the water may result in electrocution, which is unsafe and life-threatening. It is important to switch off the mains with immediate effect after the flood so that any unwanted issues related to short circuit or electrical malfunction do not crop up.
  • Contamination: Standing water eventually gets contaminated if not drained off soon. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria posing threat to your health. Dirty water overflowing from drains or toilets is unhygienic, causing diseases that could be fatal.
  • Mold growth: Moisture in the walls or flooring and other building materials provide food for the mold to further latch on to your property and gradually eat it up. Thus your precious property can get destroyed.
  • Weakens structure: The soundness of your building can even face a setback when flooded. The intensity of the flood triggers more damage to your property. If water seeps deeper due to heavy flood, it can affect the foundation pilings, cause damage to the entire structure of the house, crack walls and make it brittle.

The flood damage restoration experts:

Hollywood Restoration Expert is a name you can always fall back on if you have been hit by a flood. No matter how worse the condition is, when you call us on 954-414-0630, you will find us diligently working to restore your property even from the worst of the flood.

Our 3-step process involves:

#1) Water drainage: 

We use powerful pumps and vacuums to extract the stagnant water completely from your premises. 

#2) Remediation: 

Air blowers and heat vacuums are used to entirely dry your property from any extra moisture, taking particular care to eliminate any chances of mold growth. It is then cleaned and disinfected. A deodorizer is used thereafter to remove any foul odor.

#3) Restoration:

We salvage the damage at your premises left by flooding. We restore your belongings like damaged flooring, wet carpets, and damp wallpaper to immaculate condition. We repair, reconstruct, restore to bring it back to its pre-loss self.

If you do not want things to go out of your hand, please do not delay if there is a flood in your area located in Hollywood, FL area. Immediately contact us on 954-414-0630