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Mold grows at a rapid pace and can cause extensive damage and huge losses. If you suspect mold growth, you must take corrective action at the earliest. Moisture provides a happy breeding ground for mold and helps it penetrate deep into the walls. Even the smallest negligence on your part will cause it to grow, spread and contaminate your property, posing a threat to your home and causing dangerous health issues for the residents.

To stop mold growth from spreading rapidly and making matters worse, it needs to be treated properly with efficacy. Initial checks are a must to stop it from expanding. The destructive consequences from the spread of this harmful organism are a huge blow not only to your property, but also to your health. Before you are drained off financially and emotionally, mold remediation needs to be done. Do not let your property turn into a breeding ground for it. For expert intervention, contact Hollywood Restoration Expert on 954-414-0630. Our specialist team for mold remediation is accessible 24*7 in Hollywood, FL region.

Pro-active resolution of mold

If there is the slightest hint of mold growth even though everything might seem fine apparently, you should not delay in calling us. Majority of the mold cannot be seen with the naked eye. They hide themselves in cracks and fissures on the wall and then thrive in the hidden space. If your property smells of a strange odor it can be an indication of mold. The biggest mistake one can do is cleaning the mold spot and painting it or patching it up with a wall paper. It has to be understood that this way the danger still lurks though away from sight. The problem in fact persists and with time, intensifies.

Forbidding mold from growing means total elimination has to be ensured along with reduction of the moisture level. Complete mold remediation is done by Hollywood Restoration Expert in the following ways:

  1. Mold clean-up:

    For elimination of mold, your property is disinfected with special chemicals and cleaning agents. Belongings that have been badly infected and are difficult to restore are immediately disposed off. The property is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and deodorized to ensure complete mold removal, whether visible or hidden.

  2. Cutting-off moisture​

    Moisture being one of the prime fodders for mold must be removed completely to eliminate its growth in your property. This is not an easy job for mold remediation companies in Hollywood, FL area to handle. Apart from removal of mold, it is necessary to eliminate all the conditions favorable for its come back in future. We are trained to get to the core of water damage, detect leaks, extract moisture completely and reduce the level of dampness.

  3. Preventing reappearance​

    Certain things such as building materials, cloth, wood or paper are at risk of being affected with mold growth. Your property can be made mold-resistant using certain materials that are available with us. Some of these are fiberglass drywall in place of paper, fungicide-treated paint, wood treated with a special chemical that makes it anti-mold, mold-free insulation and so on.

    Before the poisonous organism can eat into your property, the wisest thing would be to call 954-414-0630 so that our efficient team can be at your place within couple of minutes to handle the mold remediation job.