Joseph W Young once dreamed of a city replete with lakes, luxurious beach resorts, laidback country clubs, and lush green golf courses. His vision of building ‘Hollywood by the Sea’ came to life in 1925 and is today known as Florida’s very own Hollywood. Although, it must be noted that apart from its name, Hollywood has nothing to common with the motion picture colony in California. Nicknamed ‘Diamond of the Gold Coast’, the city is popular for its long beaches, as many as 60 parks and is home to roughly 150,000 people.

The rise and fall of Hollywood

Building a city from scratch is no easy task, but Young’s resilience was also insurmountable. The city’s founder saw an opportunity in this sparsely-populated land and pumped millions of dollars to turn it into a modern-day city complete with robust infrastructure like power lines, broad sidewalks, sewer system as well as sandy beaches that run for miles. Unfortunately, things nosedived soon afterward as the city was struck by the Great Hurricane of 1926 and many more that followed. However, Hollywood, like its founder, showed resilience and bounced back after the Second World War to become a principle city in the Miami metropolitan area.

Rebuilding lives, one step at a time

Even the most perfect plans cannot take into account the vagaries of nature. Take for example Young, a man who spent million to turn a barren land into a city full of opportunities, but was powerless in the face of a natural calamity. So where does that leave you? True, no one can fight off nature, but they can certainly immunize themselves against its repercussions. Being smart and choosing the right firm for restoration is the key here. Hollywood Restoration Expert helps curtail the damage caused by a natural calamity and save your property from possible destruction and deterioration.

Who we are?

Having served the local community for decades, Hollywood Restoration Expert has seen the city rise to its zenith and fall to its nadir. And all this while, we have been around unfailingly for our valuable residential and commercial clients and helped them recover from disasters by piecing their properties back together.

We offer the following services:

  • Hollywood Restoration Expert Hollywood, FL 954-414-0630Fixing plumbing leaks
  • Advanced drying techniques
  • Detecting water leaks through thermal imaging
  • Comprehensive soot removal and deodorization
  • Detoxification of property
  • Remodeling kitchens, living spaces, etc.
  • Flooring and wallpapering
  • Detecting and eliminating hidden mold growth
  • Restoring family heirlooms, furniture, and appliances

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